Fini Shoes Ushers In New Era of Affordable, Unisex, Multi-Styleable Footwear

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From work to school to play there may not be enough time in the day to stop home and change your outfit. But if you're one of the many people staring down a busy schedule, you should never have to sacrifice style for comfort.
Enter: Fini Shoes. The recent New York City-based shoe brand hit the market just last year in an effort to "disrupt the saturated shoe market and provide a price, value, and style unmatched in today's retail industry," according to their site.

What truly makes this shoe innovative is that it can be worn five different ways. The shoe comes with three accessories for each shoe, enabling the wearer to transform their sneaker into high-tops, boots, loafers, and more with a simple zipper.
Damilola Adepoju -- the creator of Fini Shoes -- came to New York from Nigeria in 2008 when he began attending Clarkson University. Though he was studying mechanical engineering, his love for footwear became a passion when he realized the need for more versatile footwear. After a spring break trip to Jamaica, the intense heat of the Caribbean island stood out in stark contrast to the bitter cold of the Upstate New York winter. Adepoju realized that he wanted a shoe that could seamlessly transition from summer to winter with a simple zip.

This creates a versatile shoe that saves the wearer money in the long run. Each pair of shoes -- including accessories -- starts at $129. The sneaker-inspired design assures the wearer that they can transition from work to play in an instant. This is vital for adults who should engage in more than seven hours of physical activity each week to live longer. Instead of running home to change after work, taking a stroll in the park in your versatile kicks is, well, a walk in the park.

"When you buy Nike, Adidas, or Jordan, you always get the same style, one style -- there's no creativity," Adepoju explained to WearTesters. "I want to bring creativity to the footwear industry. With this one shoe, you can customize it and truly make your shoes you."

This is even better for travelers who don't want to pack multiple pairs of shoes in their carry-on luggage. When Millennials are expected to spend more than $1.4 trillion on travel expenses by 2020, saving money wherever you can is vital.
Additionally, the shoe is unisex in design. Wearers don't need to worry about looking too masculine or feminine with the customizable components of the shoe. The gender-neutral aspects of this shoe make it the perfect accessory for Pride Month this June.

It's no secret that designers have had trouble appealing to the masses. But in honor of the 50th anniversary for the Stonewall Riots, more fashion brands have invested in subtle rainbow designs and cleaner Pride-friendly apparel.
For example, Polo Ralph Lauren released a pride tote that features its logo in a rainbow design. Meanwhile, Converse released a new edition of their classic chuck showcasing the transgender flag on their logo.

But relying on gender-neutral clothing has become nearly impossible in such a category-reliant retail landscape. That's why gender-neutral clothing and unisex designs are needed now more than ever.
Fini Shoes also donates 10% of their profits to No Bully, a non-profit that hopes to put an end to bullying across the globe. According to the site, Adepoju strives for equality and inclusion as a first-generation American. It's estimated that up to 13% of the American population is foreign-born.
According to their website, Fini hopes that they are able to "[inspire] America's youth to treat everyone with respect and embrace differences." With versatility, accessibility, and charity at the forefront of this shoe, it's no wonder that Fini has become a front-runner in changing the fashion landscape.

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