An Homage to Veterans: Limited-Edition Wolverine 1000 Mile X Sword & Plough Boot

Dynelle Skinner | Thursday, October 31, 2019 | 0 comments

Sadly, we're in a time when many of our veterans are really struggling. Many vets have a difficult time finding jobs, healthcare, and homes. Thankfully there are companies who are finding ways to combat some of these issues. Two of these outstanding brands are Wolverine, a global marketer of branded footwear, and Sword &  Plough, a veteran-owned, social impact fashion brand that donates 10% of profits to veteran organizations. These two trusted brands have come together to collaborate on the Limited-Edition Wolverine 1000 Mile  x Sword  &  Plough Boot, just in time for Veteran's Day.

The Limited-Edition Wolverine 1000 Mile  X Sword  &  Plough Boot is handcrafted in the US, and pays homage to traditional military boot styles and those who have served in them.  It is based on the original Wolverine 1000 Mile boot silhouette from 1914, with a significant touch from Sword  &  Plough.

The limited-edition boot features Horween Natural Marine flesh-out coyote leather, the same leather used in Marine boots in World War II. This natural leather was designed to be used flesh side out because the material was soft enough for the boots to be worn without socks; a significant advantage for Marines in desert areas. It allowed them to easily empty the sand out of their boots, reducing blisters and increasing comfort. In a even bigger nod to military vets, repurposed military tent fabric from Sword & Plough  is incorporated into the boot's shaft; a sustainable aspect which honors those who served.

The Wolverine 1000 Mile x Sword & Plough Boot uses Goodyear Welt construction, invented nearly 150 years ago. It is considered one of the finest methods of shoe making due to its durability, flexibility and resole-able properties. The boot also boasts Vibram Pittsburgh outsole, speed hooks, and full coyote laces to complete the look of a military-inspired boot with contemporary styling.  

Cool materials and looks aside, there's much more to this boot than just looking good; it does a great deal of good as well. From November  5th - 12th, Wolverine will donate 100% of  proceeds of the sale of this limited-edition boot to Operation Finally Home, a non-profit organization that builds mortgage-free homes for veterans .

The Wolverine 1000 Mile X Sword & Plough Boot, which retails for $385.00, will be available exclusively on, starting November 5th. So gentlemen, when Monday, November 11th comes around, why not really honor those who have served by rocking the boots that helps veterans get a home. Mark your calendars to order yours on November 5th!

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