KEEN Footwear Donates 10% of Sales To Fight Australian Bushfires

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KEEN footwear began donating 10% of all KEEN Garage Sales and KEEN footwear to fight Australian bushfires starting January 16. The promotion will run through January 21, 2019. The donated profits will help purchase more gear and rally more volunteer firefighters to put out the flames.
In addition to cash donations, the Portland, Oregon-based manufacturer gave 3,000 pairs of work boots to firefighters and volunteers. Employees designed special marsupial pouches to help soothe Australia's animal population. The custom-made marsupial pouches hope to provide comfort to animals displaced or hurt in the bushfires.

 Senior Director of KEEN Effect Chris Enlow describes the brand as value-led. The KEEN Effect is an ongoing initiative promising the sustainability of its products. KEEN uses environmentally preferred leather and PFC-free water repellent to manufacture its footwear. They also use natural probiotics to keep sandals, boots, and shoes sustainable and odor-free.
KEEN's environmental advocacy does not end there.
Since 2003, KEEN has donated over $18 million in footwear and cash to aid a wide variety of worthy causes, including the Youth Grant Program. The Conservation Alliance, Forest Park Conservancy, Leave No Trace, The European Outdoor Conservation Association, and Outdoor Afro are just a few of the partners KEEN works with to achieve its goals to give back and continue to promote worldwide environmental advocacy.

To combat the deadly Australian bushfires, KEEN teamed up with Phoenix Leisure Group (PLG), its Australian distributor. In New South Wales (NSW), the fires have ravaged over 3,000 homes. To date, 28 people have perished in the fires. The entirety of the country has felt the devastating effects of the blazes. Researchers estimate that as much as 80% of the world heritage Blue Mountains may have burned, destroying diverse, region-specific vegetation and threatening local wildlife.
With fires tearing through the country with no end in sight, many are asking what is to blame for the unrelenting blazes. Australia is world-famous for its hot, dry summers. Electricity matches the speed of light, traveling at 186,000 miles per second. Still, the dry heat and electrical sources alone are not to blame. The largest contributing factor year after year is climate change.

Climate change does not necessarily start the fires, but it the biggest reason they are difficult -- and sometimes nearly impossible -- to stop. Although the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) produces a report projecting the future security environment every two years, they have not been able to account for climate change's impacts as seen in Australia. Record-breaking droughts in Australia, coupled with dry lightning, create the perfect conditions for deadly bushfires to flourish.
Visit to make your purchase and do your part for Australian bushfire relief today.

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