Washable, Vegan Booties from Arcopedico

Dynelle Skinner | Monday, January 13, 2020 | 0 comments

Veganuary continues with more vegan footwear options that are perfect for this season, and beyond. Just because you're giving up leather, doesn't mean you'll be giving up comfort and style. With these vegan booties from Arcopedico, made from Lytech, a blend of Lycra and Polyurethane, a bio-degradable, vegan material unique to Arcopedico, you'll enjoy shoes that are water resistant, machine-washable, lightweight and breathable. What's even better, they are soft and conforms to your foot for extreme comfort.

Arcopedico has three must-have booties that will have your Veganuary looking and feeling good, whether you're traveling, at your office, or on your feet all day. Say hello to the Arcopedico L19, L8, and Luana Booties:

L19 Booties: This best seller, seen above in red, makes a great travel shoe as the Lytech* upper folds up to a small size in your suitcase, but will regain its shape as soon as you put it on.

L8 Booties: The above L8 is a comfortable and versatile bootie that will transition seamlessly between seasons. The PU outsole has a built-in arch support for all day comfort.

Luana Booties: This bootie has side goring which allows for even more flexibility to fit the shape of your feet. The supportive sole is on a slight wedge to give a fashionable appearance while maintaining the comfort Arcopedico is famous for.

All three footwear styles are available now on www.Arcopedico.com and at retail stores nationwide.

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