Reebok To Cover College App Costs For Students At NBA Legend’s Alma Mater

Shoeography | Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 0 comments

Apparel and footwear giant Reebok is teaming up with an NBA legend to help seniors at his alma mater cover the cost of college applications.

Reebok announced that it will front the college application bills for seniors at Bethel High School, located in Hampton, Virginia. The high school is home to around 400 seniors and is the alma mater of NBA hall of famer Allen Iverson. The company announced this initiative in conjunction with the launch of its new Origins Pack, which features custom Allen Iverson sneakers. The Question Mid and Answer V basketball shoes are a tribute to Iverson's alma mater and contributions to the game. They are available for purchase, ranging between $140.00 and $150.00.

Iverson credits his former high school for helping him get on the path to Georgetown, where he played basketball until he was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in 1996. Now, Reebok wants to help a new generation of high school seniors get the chance to become legends on their own paths. The company is also giving seniors across the country the chance to have their college application fees covered. Any senior interested in entering must submit an essay of 200 words or less on how college will help transform them into a game-changer and accomplish their dreams.

“Nothing should limit you from applying to any school you want to consider. By working with Reebok to cover the application costs of rising seniors at Bethel High, I want the next generation of game changers to see college as a route to success, whether they want to be an artist or a doctor," said Allen Iverson.

Getting these fees covered could make a huge difference to students across the country. About 99% of students who attend Catholic high school graduate. Of those, 86% attend 4-year colleges. In comparison, the national public high school graduation rate is estimated at 84.6%. It's also estimated that between 65% and 70% of graduates enter college after graduating. If students don't have the money to pay for their application fees, their road to greatness could be halted before it's even built. Reebok's initiative aims to help seniors navigate their path to greatness by easing some of the financial burden.

Reebok's initiative shows the importance of a child's education starting early and guiding them to a successful path. Research shows that early childhood education is important because it teaches children how to interact with others and helps them develop life-long interests. Three-fourths of young children in the United States participate in a preschool program. This early education could help them develop passions that lead all the way to college and put them on a path to success.

This contest is open to students across the U.S. There are no restrictions on whether students need to be enrolled in a public or private school. About 25% of all U.S. schools are private schools, so students in these schools will be eligible to enter. Students interested in entering Reebok's contest can fill out this form. It's not clear when Reebok will announce winners.

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