Teva's Sport Sandals are in Bloom for the Season

Dynelle Skinner | Wednesday, September 09, 2015 | 0 comments

If you thought summer was letting go, you obviously haven't been outside lately. Summer is still in full effect, as evident by the 95 degree day we had yesterday and the fact that we're still in the 90's today. This of course is the perfect time to highlight some appropriate footwear for this late summer heat wave. Earlier this year, Teva welcomed Flatforms to their range of sport sandals, one of which we had so much DIY fun with. You'll be happy to hear Teva has expanded their Flatform range with some eye-catching dark floral prints, a hot trend for the Fall 2015 season. Feast your eyes on the Teva Floral Flatform Sandals.

Available in three moody florals: Persimmon Floral, Black, and Purple Wine Floral, the women's Flatform Sandal is an enhanced version of Teva's 2 1/4" Flatform Sandal, it boasts a satin upper, adjustable ankle strap, Durabrasion Rubber™ platform, and a 2 1/4" EVA platform. Are you not one for elevated flats? Teva's Original Universal Floral Sandal also comes in the above mentioned floral prints. The sweet blooms add a touch of femininity, and romance to this rugged sport sandal.

The styles have been available for a while, but they won't be there forever, so we advise that you snap up your favorite dark floral now so your toes can enjoy their freedom as we usher in the fall season. The Floral Flatform Sandals retails for $70.00, and the Original Universal Floral sandal retails for $60.00; both are available now on

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